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Nowadays, more than ever, Duralex intends to embody everyday glassware, through modern tableware items in contemporary designs, while always staying affordable.  A brand in tune with its age, which confidently graces all tables worldwide.





Embodied in products that have become legendary in the history of design, Duralex is one of those brands that inevitably spark off memories of happy times.  Its reputation is based on the very qualities of its product and its unique material, tempered glass, whose strength inspired the brand name taken from the Latin motto, "Dura Lex Sed Lex" (The law is tough, but it is the law).


The first tableware item sold by Duralex, the Gigogne tumbler, was launched in 1946. In just a few decades, it seamlessly passed from school canteens to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, which paid it a fitting tribute in the "Éditer Design” exhibition in 2007.  It recently made its appearance at the MoMA Store, the shop of the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Picardie tumbler embodies the "Original French tumbler" abroad. It has become truly emblematic of French style, like the beret or striped sailor shirt. Its easily identifiable curved shape has often been cast in the feature films, where it has made countless appearances in post-war classics, during the Nouvelle Vague and in recent international successes like Skyfall, the latest James Bond.

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