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Dedicated to Glass Manufacturing since 1984...


Started its operations in a small workshop in 1984 with the brand “Efegil”, Efegil Glassware was dealing with glass articles which were processed by decorated glass cutting in its early stage while the decorative glass was new-developing sector in Turkey.


With the catchphrase of “Why not you Ladies have Efegil in your wedding chest?”, Efegil had been accepted as a brand by retailers and ultimate consumer by fullfilling the supply deficit existing in that period with engraving glassware articles and glassware sets. 


Advancing technology and changing tastes introduced the tendency of differentiation in products and production processes. It has been started to be made very different applications on glass by diversifying glass processing techniques within the company.


At this point, Efegil is to maintain its activities with the infrastructure arised from 31-years of business and sector experience by using the techniques of glass and cyristal engraving, glass ething, sablaj, gold&silver gilding, painting.


In addition to it traditional glass items, Efegil has been continuing to keep the infinite perfection of glass, the tradition of glass with its naturalness and elegancy of design alive on you table with new-launched tableware sets.

Professional International Business Management...


Today, Efegil Glassware also deals with various line in trade and manages as foreign trade unit of several manufacturers. The focus here is to tie customers with correct products using sector experience and its existing production capabilities gained over years.


Handmade blown glassware articles, porcalain kitchenware items, stainless steel products, tableware accessories and home textile items sets portfolio presented for exports from Turkey.


We always tend to expand our portfolio to offer more convenient goods to customer.

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